Finchley Symphony Orchestra in concert at Trinity Church North London

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Finchley Symphony Orchestra...

...a successful, friendly London amateur orchestra with Music Director Christopher Stark. We rehearse weekly and give five high standard concerts each year. We enjoy playing great music together, working hard while having fun.

A Beethoven evening

FSO concludes its 2023-4 season by once again joining with David Lardi and the Finchley Chamber Choir, this time in an all-Beethoven programme. The epic and revolutionary Eroica Symphony will be coupled with the rather more serene but still weighty Mass in C major.

Play with us

Our members come from across London and south Hertfordshire. We welcome approaches from people interested in joining us. At present we have room for string players and in some other sections. We operate a deputy system for wind and brass, so even if there is no current vacancy you have a chance to play and we can get to know each other. There is no subscription in a new member's first term - so if you would like to try us out do get in touch. See the 'Members' page for more details.

Richard Garry, 2018

The FSO consistently produces music of a very high standard and together with highly talented soloists provide wonderful evenings full of happiness and light.

Julian Ansell, 2018

[Finchley Symphony Orchestra is] a top drawer symphony orchestra with first class soloists without having to go to the Festival or Albert Halls.

Jill and Peter Holland, 2018

Over several years we have been to many concerts given by The Finchley Symphony Orchestra (and occasionally with the Finchley Chamber Choir). Our policy is that - if we are free, Trinity Church, Finchley, is the best place to be - sometimes challenging, but always offering an evening of fine music, beautifully played.

Alex Boden, 2024

I really enjoy the Finchley Symphony Orchestra's (FSO) concerts throughout the year. Always very friendly and welcoming, with well selected programmes and excellent performances every time. Definitely one to recommend.

John de Lange, 2024

We are so lucky to have the fantastic Finchley Symphony Orchestra and the Finchley Chamber Choir on our doorstep. The music they produce is as good as you will get in the centre of London only without the hassle of getting there. Inexpensive too.

Tom Cannon, 2024

Very much enjoyed the Finchley Concert on 18 May 2024. There was a good variety of music, which was performed to a high standard. I particularly enjoyed the Mozart. The soloist for the Barber Concerto was excellent

John Bakewell, 2024

As a retired professional musician recently moved to Whetstone I was intrigued to find that there was such a thing as The Finchley Symphony Orchestra. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The standard of playing was far higher than I imagined it could be and the orchestra excelled itself in the Barber violin concerto, no doubt inspired by the virtuoso playing of the soloist. Credit is also due in no small measure to the conductor Christopher Stark who did an excellent job, getting the best out of his players.

June Wong, 2024

The concert was amazing, they are very talented and professional. Will definitely join it again. Well Done.

We play everything...

...from baroque to large scale romantic works, 20th century music, new commissions, symphonies, concertos and – at Christmas – carols!

We've played with...

Tasmin Little, Valeriy Sokolov and many others - see our Artists page.

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Our normal concert and rehearsal venue is:
Trinity Church, North Finchley
N12 7NN

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