Finchley Symphony Orchestra in concert at Trinity Church North London

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On and off !!

After a frustrating break due to the coronavirus restrictions we had been rehearsing weekly again since September but have now put things back on hold. Hopefully this will not be for long and we will be meeting again as before (more details below).

We are...

Finchley Symphony Orchestra – a successful and friendly amateur orchestra in north London, rehearsing weekly and (in normal times) giving five or six high standard concerts each year. We are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities and we welcome new players.

If you are interested in playing with us please contact for more information.

Richard Garry, 2018

The FSO consistently produces music of a very high standard and together with highly talented soloists provide wonderful evenings full of happiness and light.

Jill and Peter Holland, 2018

Over several years we have been to many concerts given by The Finchley Symphony Orchestra (and occasionally with the Finchley Chamber Choir). Our policy is that - if we are free, Trinity Church, Finchley, is the best place to be - sometimes challenging, but always offering an evening of fine music, beautifully played.

Julian Ansell, 2018

[Finchley Symphony Orchestra is] a top drawer symphony orchestra with first class soloists without having to go to the Festival or Albert Halls.

We play...

Everything from baroque to large scale romantic works, 20th century music and new commissions. Symphonies, concertos and – at Christmas – carols!

We've played with...

Nigel Kennedy, Tasmin Little, Valeriy Sokolov and many others. Browse our Artists page to see more.

Playing together once again

After a frustrating six months we are delighted to be rehearsing again. Our Trinity Church venue is taking careful precautions. Different groups are kept apart and the church is cleaned thoroughly between visitors. Our rehearsals are socially-distanced and shorter - from 8pm until 9.30, with no break. We wear face coverings as far as possible and everyone uses a separate music stand.

Nobody yet knows when we may be able to perform with an audience, so for now we are rehearsing a range of interesting repertoire including Beethoven and Prokofiev. We will confirm details of the programmes for future concerts as and when these become possible.

We care about...

Enjoying playing great music together, working hard for a high-quality performance, and celebrating it afterwards!


During lockdown Tom, our Music Director, recorded two fascinating podcasts. To hear his thoughts on conducting and how he became a conductor click on these links:

part 1a :::: part 1b :::: part 2 :::: part 3

To hear him talk about Sibelius' second symphony, which we had programmed for a concert this November and still hope to perform some time in the future, click here

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Our normal concert and rehearsal venue is:
Trinity Church, North Finchley
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