Why Donate

Finchley Symphony Orchestra and Finchley Chamber Choir are both charities that exist to enable their members to make music together and perform that music publicly for anyone to attend and enjoy. They provide a huge amount of value to the musicians and audience, and enrich the lives of all who participate or attend.

However, making music is an expensive business. There are innumerable costs, including venue hire for rehearsals as well as the concerts, payments to our professional conductors and leaders, payments to professional soloists, for music hire and on and on. The sad fact is that ticket receipts do not by any means cover the costs of the performances and rehearsals that have come before, and in order to survive the musicians themselves must pay significant regular subscriptions, which keep the organisations afloat.

Given this, if you are able and willing to supplement your ticket purchase by any amount, we would be truly grateful and hope that you will feel satisfied that you are supporting the means of giving much deep pleasure to many people.